Welcome, and thank your for visiting mitand gallery.  My name is Mitch Anderson, and my gallery is named by my abbreviated name, which I also use for my art signature.

There are no intentions of influence or personal statements in my art, other than the fact that I have a deep admiration for nature, and thus I paint a lot of landscape scenery.  And, since I live near the Carolina coast, I also enjoy seascapes, maritime and nautical themes.

All of my art is on gesso-primed stretched-canvas, and consists of acrylic paints and mediums. Most of my paintings are 16"x20," and I occasionally produce larger sizes.  All are part of my private collection and will be priced if a piece is placed for sale.

I ship all of my original paintings in sturdy padded containers to ensure safe delivery.  Each delivery includes a prepaid return shipping label to return the shipping crate, which will reward you with $20 upon its return.

Please be informed that some items in my collection are available for "Print," which is a duplicate of the original, and is processed and shipped by Artspan.com (and not the same shipping terms as I mention for the sale of original paintings, as stated above).

Please visit mitand gallery on a regular basis, as I hope to have new paintings uploaded weekly.